Beautiful Bridal Makeup Tips

21/12/10 0 COMMENTS

eyebrow shapesThere is no excuse not to look good in your wedding day. It’s a special day that you should look your best. It’s probably the best time to visit your Toronto spa more frequently as you want to be prepared several months before your big day.

Your aim should be a glowing look when that day comes. Do what you must so you will look stunning on your wedding day. As early as possible, have your skin and nail taken cared of: at least 6 weeks prior. Ask your beautician as well on recommended facials and other services that will help you.

It is also advised that you stay away from the sun to avoid sunburns and skin peeling. If you want, you can go for spray-on-tanning option. But what is as important perhaps to looking good, is your inner beauty—so get enough sleep and eat right. Enjoy a relaxing massage and burn some essential oils to help relax your nerves.

Also, you may want to do a trial makeup, preferably, together with your bridesmaids. Do this 1 to 2 months before the wedding. You may bring along some magazine pictures that you want to show to your beautician. Mention as well if you have any skin allergies or problems. And if you are scheduled for a day wedding, then the trial makeup should be during daytime as well. And another important tip: bring your fabric swatches and tell your beautician the color of the flowers you will have, so that appropriate makeup colors can be used.

Whatever your style of makeup though, is a matter of personal preference—that which is comfortable for you. A good rule of thumb: during daytime a lighter makeup is ideal; night-time can allow for a more dramatic style.

For flash photography, foundations with yellow undertones will get better results. It is wide to keep away from shimmer highlighters. Your eyes should have no heavy dark lines. Also stay away from make-up trends that may not fit you well. Your eyebrow shape should be perfect and avoid heavy dark shadows. The same goes for your lips—avoid a dark lip line. Lip-liner should be the same color as that of your lipstick.