Correcting Common Makeup Blunders

15/02/11 0 COMMENTS

Most women have, at one time or another, been too heavy-handed with the eyeliner to the point of altering their eyebrow shape, or have been swipe-happy with their blush. While makeup artists can deftly use their skills to give celebrities a look that will go with their outfits or the events that they are attending, the purpose of cosmetics for daily use is often just to enhance the woman’s features and to make her appear as though she is not wearing any. If you are still in the process of experimenting with your day and night looks, you will tend to be clumsy at times or go overboard. Having a few tricks under your belt to correct these mistakes can certainly go a long way in saving you from spending too much time inside the bathroom.

Starting with your foundation, you only need to apply just enough to even out the darker tones of your skin. Putting on too much product will cause it to cake up and crease on your skin. To take the excess off, you only need to damp a sponge and dab off the areas where you had put more than necessary. You can then blend those sections with the rest of your face using your fingertips. There is no need for you to take it all out and start again. Too darkened eyebrows is also easy to remedy. To lighten the eyeliner on your brows or get back to your original shape eyebrows can be swept with a Q-tip to remove the extra color.

You will know that you have put on too much blush when the color appears like splotches on your cheeks. To take them off, just flick a powder brush a few times over them to get that seamless blending or mute down the color by sweeping translucent powder over them. Mascara smears can be unsightly and gross but if you get them, it does not mean that all your work has been for naught. You can leave the smears on until you are done with the rest of your face and just blot them out with a Q tip just before you leave and the dried mascara will not run when you clean it up. A dark eyeshadow can be toned down by dabbing on your lid a bit of foundation or translucent powder, and then blending it in such a way that the different shades are not anymore be identifiable from each other.