Curling Lashes in a Single Step

03/03/11 0 COMMENTS

curling eyelashesIt is a given that women spend a good amount of time perfecting their eyebrow shape and for good reason. Your eyebrow shape needs to complement the shape of your eyes and face to enhance or being out your true beauty. Eyebrows that are too bushy or thick will give others the impression that you are not grooming as you should and not taking better care of yourself. Overplucked brows will also make your face appear harsh and unfriendly. Either case is most likely not acceptable especially if you are in the type of work environment that requires meeting with people on a regular basis.

Aside from taking the time and effort to shape eyebrows, you can also look into pumping up your eye lashes. Some women may be naturally blessed with thick, luscious-looking eyelashes, but those who do not need to despair. Thickening your eyelashes can be easily done by a couple of swipes of mascara. Those who are used to applying mascara as part of their makeup regimen will, however, tell you that it is almost always necessary to include that extra step of curling your eyelashes first before reaching for that mascara tube. Using the eye curler may seem easy but you ought to know that if you are heavy-handed with it and press on your eyelashes too long, you will risk breaking them or pulling them out. Not squeezing the eye curler enough will not also give you that curl you are looking for that opens your eyes and makes you look more doe-eyed and pretty.

One solution to take out the guesswork on curling eyelashes is the curling mascara. By incorporating the curling part into its wand design, you can eliminate having to prep your lashes first. The mascara wand has been curved in such a way that with the correct use, it can distribute the mascara on your lashes and curl them while doing so. The formula is also lighter so it takes out the clumping that is a common issue when using mascara. The blend also contains special ingredients that will hold the curl you have created by wiggling in the wand. Because of the reformulation, the application is smoother and is less conducive to flaking. Those having sensitive eyes will rejoice because of it being hypoallergenic. These little improvements in your mascara can certainly save you precious time in your morning ritual.