Perfecting the Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks

22/02/11 0 COMMENTS

smokey eyeWhen trying to create that flawless but dramatic look at night and sporting those best eyebrows Toronto ladies can opt to just drop by any salon for tips or learn the tricks at home. For the latter, you will need to arm yourself with a reliable set of brushes and a well-lighted mirror. Since, as compared to the more neutral daytime look, the nighttime makeup is all about enhancing your eyes, you will need more pigmented eye shadow colors in black, charcoal, and dark gray, a tube of eyeliner, and mascara.

To achieve that smoky eyes look that celebrity make up artists rely on to make their clients look glamorous on the red carpet, you first need to prep your eye lids and put on the eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes.

Using a brush, the next step is to sweep the dark gray over your whole lid under the brow bone. This should be the lighter shade in your eyeshadow palette. You can then dip your brush into the darker colors and apply it from the outer corners of your eye towards the center and keeping it only within your crease.

The key to getting the perfect smoky eyes is to blend well to the point that you would not detect any harsh lines between the colors and you can only see a soft graduation of the shades. Thick eyelashes will add more drama so pile on a couple of coats of mascara or put on fake lashes. You can also line the bottom of your eyes and smudge it to make your eyes look rounder. To avoid looking like a raccoon, be clean up any loose shadow powder that might have settled underneath your eyes.

Another favorite dramatic eye makeup look is the cat eye, and while this may not need that much shadow, you will have to practice putting it on with steady hands. You can have your pick on what shadow color you want as long as the focus remains on your eyeliner. The cat eye is that signature flick at the outer corner of your eyelid that adds a flirtatious touch to your eye.

Liquid eyeliner will allow you a smoother, more seamless outcome, but if you want more control, you can try the gel or cream formula. The least favorite to use is the pencil eyeliner because aside from the tugging, you will need to go over your lids a few times to get that deep color that the liquid ones will give you in a single sweep.