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Brow Pinching

Eyebrow Pinching 


Brow Pinching
is a new revolutionary treatment that promotes eyebrow growth using treatment oils and premium Ayurvedic well-being principles involving firm kneading, gentle pinching. The benefits from this service helps by break the build-up in the follicle around the hair shaft that has stunted hair growth. Stimulating the growth by increasing blood flow and bringing nutrients to the affected area. 

Added Benefits: 
The treatment targets key pressure points around the eye and brow area to reduce puffiness, rejuvenate eyes and naturally postpone the onset of wrinkles while giving your arches a  more lifted look. It helps to kickstart collagen production and builds on muscle memory aiding in the tightening and toning of the eye area. Relieves tension build up around the temples. The technique opens the marma points which is a pathway to opening your body up making it receptive to healing. From a mindful perspective, it stimulates your third eye chakra to rebalance, and energize resetting your mind to recharge your clarity.  

What is Used:

Sweet/Almond Oil : Is a carrier oil. This oil is beneficial for both skin and hair and keeps hair and skin hydrated. Is an anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness and under-eye circles.
Aloe Vera: contains Vitamins ACE which are vitamins that promote healthy cell growth. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid are also found in aloe. This helps in keeping hair from falling or maturing faster. It increases blood circulation bringing blood flow to the brow area which can promote healthy brow growth.  

Recommendation: Every brow shaping visit. 
Cost: 28.00


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