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Missing An Appointment Or Want To Reschedule? 

We are a remote salon, which means we are not able to answer calls when we are servicing clients. Simply go to your email reminder, or confirmation email and hit the link "Reschedule" Here is where you can reschedule your appointment and the system will automatically cancel your initial appointment. 

Running Late For An Appointment?

We know how awful it is to run late for an appointment. In this case, you can still try to come to your appointment or you can reschedule using the directions above. We cannot guarantee we will be able to see you, as our appointments run every 20 min. However, sometimes clients do not show up, reschedule or cancel their appointments. We may be able to fit you in if there is space available on the same day or fit you in if a later client doesn't show up. Please allow enough time to find parking to avoid lateness and having to reschedule.

Who Can Come To My Appointment?

Due to COVID capacity, only those with an appointment are able to come into the salon. Please arrange childcare. No pets are allowed in the salon. 

Deposits And Fees

Our designer's time is precious every appointment reflects income. We have waiting lists every day with other clients wanting to book in. If you are booked for a service that is more than 20 min, we require a deposit. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason and do not cancel 24-hours in advance you will lose your deposit. Also, if you miss or do not show up for your appointment a $10 fee must be paid on your next visit. You are able to reschedule your appointment 24-hours using your confirmation or reminder email.

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